پیامنی پیامنی ,


One way for getting familiar with the manners and traditions of ancient tribes is the study of their literary works. This can also be done through evaluation of their ancient poetical works, literary contexts and historical documents. Customs such as weddings, mourning, ceremonies, games and entertainments and the ways they were performed, are also discussed in this paper. Roodaki’s poetry, as a permanent context, has some parts of Samanian history. Since the study of culture and the society in which Roodaki was living, makes us familiar with his society, the writer has studied the poetry of this great poet with a sociological view point.

Key words: Roodaki, poetry, society, culture, customs.

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پیامنی پ. (2010). رودکی روایتگر زمان(رویکردی جامعه شناختی به دیوان رودکی. جستارهای نوین ادبی, 42(1), 195-215. https://doi.org/10.22067/jls.v42i1.4174
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