Study of Personality and Mystical Ideas of Bāyazid Bastāmi Based on Cognitive Metaphor Approach

Document Type : Research Article



The purpose of authors in this paper is to analyze Bāyazid’s uses of cognitive metaphors. He was as one of the pioneers and prominent Sufis of love mysticism. The paper explains some key concepts in Bāyazid’s mysticism and refers to some features of his personality. This study examines the uses of wine, fire and flood domains in his sayings and reveals his emphasis on the concept of mortality (i.e. fanā) in his mystical thoughts. It also shows that the frequently noticeable presence of the ‘light’ source domain in his words results from the impact of the social and cultural environment of the Zoroastrian ambience of his time. In addition, the analysis of Bāyazid’s cognitive metaphors delineates his vacillation between asceticism and mystical love.